Victoria, B.C. Canada

Audrey at Victoria's Eden
$CDN160/hr $US135/hr

For my last selection for this trip... since she has been booked on other days I set up today's 4pm appointment for her yesterday afternoon.

From my pre trip notes, Audrey has been praised for her one of best looking bodies of local escorts and her about 5-8, slim body with natural C's is also my ideal body type.

Some reports say she is not as open minded as some escorts, but that is fine with me since I really don't care about some of the less safe "open minded" factors many others seek. I simply enjoy my intimacy fetish...and sensual great more slow sexuality vs "wild". Not a fan of DFK, or PSE. The only abbreviations I seek are GFE (my definition not related to sex acts) and LK but not essential.

My meeting with Audrey started off with a minor very short term disappointment - they had only booked me for half an hour vs the hour I always do. Don't think they asked for how long, although I usually make it a point to say for an hour when making an appointment. For the slight price difference $110/$160 can't understand why would only want half an hour unless just wanting to get off. But I enjoy savoring a women's body tenderly, lovingly, sensually as well as erotically for at least an hour! With women friends, we often can enjoy many hours together in bed enjoying our bodies, minds and spirits.

But back to Audrey.... Wow, yet another wonderful responder to the type of intimacy I enjoy in a session. I simply stopped short of what I do in my usual routine (I have what I like to do down pretty well and gals all seem to enjoy ... if they keep awake....).

Audrey also another gal that keeps looking in your eyes and having great eye contact while sharing both intimacy and sexuality. Absolutely wonderful body response an of course beautiful ideal body including friendly smiling face and enjoys my face caressing I enjoy as well as other body parts not the least of when natural C's and slim overall figure. Also light kissing which I enjoy.

I would look forward to seeing her again on a future trip but will be more careful to be sure I have an hour to enjoy her.

Interesting cute tiny white dog the lady greeter/phone person? was playing with or training outside as I left.

I agree with you, she is such a sweet and honest provider...

"There's a shortage of perfect breasts in the world."
And Audrey has two of them. Natural.

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