Victoria, B.C. Canada

Lindsy at Seductions Unlimited

$CDN160/hr $US135/hr
I put another one almost to sleep from boredom?

About 10pm Saturday night, she had just come in and had to go to the airport for trip to Alberta at 6am.

As reviews have said, very nice ideal body, nicely toned athletic body, small natural breasts, but very quiet and no hint of any kissing other than short goodbye at end.

Not really sure how to describe. Seemed to "absorb" the kind of intimacy, cuddling etc I enjoy but what I describe in my many lap dance reviews in Ontario what I call a non responder. Have no idea if she enjoys, or is just putting up with it. Virtually no communications after the first few minutes but responsive to things when I took the lead to suggest.

Ended up in one of my favorite positions with her laying on top of me where I could cuddle etc why still "attached", but she was virtually asleep with no response to my actions. I think she was bored and on the verge of sleep.

I did enjoy her body but am use to more interaction - I guess I'm just spoiled by so many great experiences with the more interactive intimacy with Eastern European providers in Toronto.

Someone had complained about short hours at SU, but that was not my case. Some nice subtle bell tone rang exactly an hour after she had come in the room after returning from taking the money. So it was a full hour actually being with her.

Again enjoyable...but a bit unusual.. except I seem to put Victoria providers to sleep.... never had that problem in other cities! Maybe they are too overworked?

Board comments:
Strange as ever, Dave. Give 'em a caffeine pill before you pop 'em.
Goddamn, Dave, that really sucks! Lindsy has the potential to be good, but she has to be drawn from her shell. She likes food and wine, if you see her again.

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