Victoria, B.C. Canada

Lucy's Massage & on to the Keg

With all the great comments about her special skills wanted to try and see her, but waited till after the weekend since site says weekdays. Wondered if worked Labor Day when most people are suppose to rest, called and she answered phone. As others have said very friendly voice.

Easy to find nice Condo, the highest point I've been in Victoria since landing at airport! If every a flood, her place would be the place to be high in the sky with great views of the city and snowcapped mountain in distance.

Upon meeting she greets you like old friends. Before meeting I had been a bit concerned if she was a bit too old for Old Dave, and not slim and slender as is often my preference. But that concern was unjustified. She was wonderful, comfortable in and knows how to use her nice exotic body in all kinds of ways.

Her deep muscle great massage (mostly self learned since she needs to be deeply kneaded herself) was just what I needed. Most massage gals that say they do deep really aren't deep enough for me on my tight neck and shoulders. But Lucy was truly deep and found and worked on my kinks very effectively.

On the sensual/sexual side needless to say she is a outstanding pro. One of best body slides, similar but enjoyed longer than some of the great experiences I've reviewed from Venus Massage in Hamilton Ontario. More like Thailand soapy massage but without the water on the air mattress. Of course the water part came in the ending shower with her which is part of her service.

Her well known prostate massage is very well done, obviously she knows what she is doing. Gets in many great positions with her body - which she uses to maximum effect.

We would up staying way way over time, talking and I was able to work out some of her kinks massaging her. She started appreciating some of my mutual massage realizing I knew what I was doing very early so we did a lot of massage sharing which we both enjoy. It is obvious Lucy very much enjoys her "work" and has had great experiences with many folks from the board.

She knew who I was from the boards, and had followed my posts. In fact she mentioned in the beginning that she promised to keep awake! Usually I prefer to be anonymous and most of the gals aren't on the boards. Don't want to make them nervous or sometimes seem a bit intimidated by my experience and that I might be reviewing them. Not the case with Lucy, she obviously enjoyed discussion of mutual interests related to sexwork.

After a very nice session I was thinking of dinner at the Keg which has been recommended by some on the boards.

But I didn't have my pre trip maps with me with the Keg or its address. But GPS unit (Garmin IQue 3600) to the rescue. It got me to Lucy's to knows I am there. Go to Find Places/Resturants and do search around my location. Sure enough it showed the Keg only about .5 miles away. Off I go. When it said "arriving destination on right" I didn't see the Keg sign but the GPS is accurate to about 12-20 feet (depending on many satellite it sees a few less if next to tall buildings blocking part of the sky) so I trusted it was there.

Found a parking spot about 2 blocks away on Langley and took put GPS in my shirt pocket to be sure I didn't get lost after also making where I parked the car a "waypoint". Was interested to see it track my walk on the 120 foot detail map. But I didn't follow its directions fully since it was in car mode it knew it couldn't go the wrong way on Fort (one way). But walking on Fort sidewalk and while yelling "off route" at me (trying to stop me from going the wrong way on one-way Fort) it had the Keg exactly where it was.

Very nice dinner at the Keg. It was a good suggestion.

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