Victoria, B.C. Canada

Seven at Seductions Unlimited
 $CDN160/hr $US135/hr

I'm now getting use to coming here and no problem finding street parking even mid afternoon.

Wow, Seven was great. We seemed to hit it off immediately with much enjoyment of the kind of touch I enjoy. Very responsive to massage and all the things I like to do. Good open conversation, we were like old friends very quickly.

My reviews are probably starting to sound a lot alike, but wonderful intimacy response, as with some others actually taught a technique and a position few providers have experienced but almost all love. Time went so fast but was very enjoyable.

As someone said that I noted from my pre trip research "SEVEN was a geisha in an earlier incarnation. She really is a sweetheart with a great attitude. Also luvs receiving gentle massage. Very responsive to light tongue caress with under her ample, gorgeous breasts" and I agree.

However to show mileage may vary someone else that likes what I like, said "Seven is very good, but lacks that cozy cuddly feeling that you seem to seek." However we must have hit it off just right since she was VERY much the cozy cuddly type that I DO seek!

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