Victoria, B.C. Canada

Autumn at Victoria's Eden
$CDN160/hr $US135/hr

My two highest ratings from pre trip planning were Autumn and Audrey. Neither worked the weekend and often days turned out Audrey although on schedule won't be in till tomorrow and was very pleased with Autumn

Very nice body and friendly. Not as talkative as some, but her body "talked" very nicely. A great intimacy responder in all the ways and positions I enjoy the most. I note unlike many keeps her eyes open looking at yours most of the time which is nice.

Tall 5-10, which I enjoy and nice to have a bit larger breasts than the B's and small C's up to now. I don't like huge breasts but hers were prefect - so nice to hold and caress - she not very sensitive on breasts and I enjoyed playing with them... and the rest of her very responsive lovely body.

Is getting tattoos done, which I am neutral about, no big deal. Enjoyed caressing her face. There have been reports that she doesn't kiss and others that she enjoys "light kissing" which I enjoyed with her. She is a sweetheart very good attitude and response if you treat her nicely. Lots of my favorite sport of cuddling, massaging and the more intimate sex positions I enjoy.

Facilities not quite as nice I'd say as SU or IB but not bad. Easy to find and park. Room seemed a bit cool when started but good it was since we worked up a sweat in the heat of things as well as slower cuddling times.

Full hour was knock on door, no short timing.

A very nice experience.

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