Victoria, B.C. Canada

Concluding Thoughts on Victoria

Well my 9 days in Victoria have gone very fast. While I miss some of the other activities I enjoy in Ontario (full contact nude laps and nude-reverse massage), I must say I very much enjoyed the sampling I had of your many great escorts.

I have often said that in my experience for the physical intimacy I enjoy, most American and Anglo Canadian women are no match for the French Canadians in Quebec or the great Eastern Europeans I've enjoyed in Toronto. But I can no longer say that. From my sampling and from my pre-trip research based on reviews of many other gals that I didn't get a chance to "sample" this trip, there must be something good in the B.C. water or something, since most of the women I met were just as beautiful and intimate as the French Canadian/Eastern European women I've met in Ontario.

I recall similar good experiences back in 2000-2001 with Saanich incalls before they were sort of run out of town by the nice Sheriff (I didn't realize you do have such a title) and everything was in a bit of chaos for awhile. But everything has settled down now, it seems, in their new homes in Victoria, and you have some great ladies and agencies.

Fortunately you have great relationships with law enforcement which doesn't bother incalls as long as everyone is properly licensed, of legal age, and no neighbor complaints - they are in more industrial/commercial areas than most were in Saanich.

It is too bad that the B.C. Liquor Commission is so much more restrictive than in at least Ontario and Quebec regarding its strip club bylaw restrictions. In these other provinces, either the bylaws aren't enforced since they could be legally challenged, or aren't as restrictive. It would be nice if B.C. allowed in strip clubs what the Supreme Court of Canada says is perfectly legal in strip clubs which is full nude contact laps, including breast touching as long as no penetration or masturbation. The masturbation issue has never been clearly defined.

Licensing bylaws can not overly restrict what is legal without a good reason, as we saw in the successful challenge of a new restrictive Brampton body rub bylaw that was quashed by the Ontario Superior Court.

While you have some great independent massage gals, I don't know why you don't have adult body rub parlors like is most of Canada but may be a bylaw issue I am not aware of.

Again however, I found your escorts ...that stayed awake... absolutely great for the type of sessions I enjoy.

And now to roll final credits for this experience...soon to be shown with all my reports on the new at a browser near you, when I get time to get it up.... I get lots of E-mail especially from Americans that have no idea how much freedom you have and the far more reasonable costs and honest providers in Canada. I doubt if you mind a bit of promotion and more of us spending our dollars in your economy!

For scaring old Dave and having to teach them the Canadian Criminal Code: the Victoria airport Customs Agents.
For great massage both therapeutic and erotic skills: Lucy
For a unique :) experience: Sheena West at IB
For making me miss Ontario: Monte's Strip Club
For wonderful time Old Dave had with escorts in order of appearance:
Willow at SU
Lindsay at SU
Taryn at IB
Autumn at VE
Seven at SU
Gina Lea as herself
Audrey at VE

I very much appreciated many reviews on with quite a few guys writing reviews that included the type of things I am more interested in. As I mentioned in my pre trip research post, it was easier than in many other cities to find good info on good prospects of which providers to see that I might be most compatible with.

All that research based on perb posts, paid off since most of the choices based on scanning many months of reviews turned out to be excellent choices. I still have quite a few providers that I would have liked to meet...maybe on a later trip if they are still around.

And finally to the Government and People of Canada where you have the sexual freedoms that are denied by those that know what is best for the people to the South of you in the U.S. Not to mention your overwhelming great response which isn't acknowledged enough in the U.S. media to our worst disaster in history.

Like in most of the world outside the U.S., it is nice to continue my frequent trips to Canada not having to worry about the legal issues promoted by the religious agenda in the U.S. In Canada you can share in private, wholesome, healthy consenting adult intimacy and sexual enjoyment that can in my view reduce sexual abuse of women, and result in a less violent culture when sexuality isn't artificially suppressed by those that know what is best for you.

I commend you on your fair honest provider services from very warm, intelligent women who willingly choose sexwork many of whom, really do enjoy their sexuality and often offer a great Girl Friend Experience (defined in different ways) at an very affordable cost without the legal risk premium needed in the U.S.

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