Victoria, B.C. Canada

Monty's Strip Club

Well after catching up on much needed sleep and catching up on two days of E-mail I played a bit of tourist before the potential mobs come this weekend. Also wanted to drive around get my barings, check out where some places are etc.

On prior trips other than visiting the wharf area, stayed out in Sannach where most of the incalls were, no downtown traffic and parking hassles and places easy to find. Much more difficult downtown, especially parking.

I know Monty's was nothing like the Ontario clubs I enjoy because of the restrictions of the B.C.Liquour bylaws for Strip clubs but thought I'd at least visit it once. Had terrible time finding it since the address was for the cheap hotel, drove around the block about 3 times before figuring out it was around the corner actually not on Pandora as its address is. Then drove around and around and around trying to find a parking spot, almost gave up till found one about six blocks away. So different from the clubs I enjoy in Ontario with huge parking lots at their front door!

Arrive about 9pm. Was maybe 80% full with lots of guys hooting it up - but no dancers. After getting my usual diet coke, about 9:20 I asked hostess if dancers start at a certain time. Yes, noon, and then ever half hour but the last dancer (singular) didn't show up. I was getting very bored, no gals making any rounds, but guys seemed to be having fun with their beers. I have never understood the bar scene unless your with a group of friends socializing etc.

Finally a dancer started dancing and was quite good. Attractive with the usual big man made breasts. About that time a very friendly a bit older (like me but not quite that old) guy patted me friendly on the back and asked if OK to sit with me. Over time and with the difficulty with all the noise of the music he started conversation and was quite nice. Turns out he comes from Holland. He mentioned he was a bit drunk and was rather vocal about dancers assets etc. But he was OK He was also making small talks with some gals behind us and as irony would have it she and her friend had parents from Holland and they had great discussion.

Back to the dancers, long delays between dances but then the feature some porn star named Makaya Coxxx danced. Was Ok but I'm just not into the tease of stripping vs the human interaction with dancers in full contact nude laps for $20 in the Ontario clubs I enjoy. The placed was packed by now. Then they were going to have an amateur wet T shirt contest but I was ready to move on.

Place is relatively nice for an older downtown club, was very female friendly it seemed with quite a few gals in toe with guys coming in and some gals by themselves.

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