Victoria, B.C. Canada

Pre Trip Observations - From HOT Phoenix

In the 110F heat of Phoenix, I have finished my pre trip research (techniques in another post) and thought I'd share some observations.

I take 3 summer 9 day trips to Canada to escape the heat over our holidays which of course are different from yours. I leave before the holiday mob and return afterwards. My own business tends to be slow over our holidays so its a good time to cool off in Canada from the Summer heat in Phoenix. Before Canada I went to the Philippines and Thailand but find Canada far more practical - and English speaking other then of course Montreal. I also like oral - communications that is.. in English.

Phoenix is wonderful other than Summer's. I lived in Minneapolis all my life before Phoenix and I can stand the hot dry summer vs hot/humid summer, cold and snowy winters. I was unlucky enough to visit Vancouver in Winter of 1999 and they had one of their biggest snow storms. I hadn't seen snow in years and it took days to clear since I understand they don't have many snowplows!

Having researched many Canadian cities before visiting I must say you guys in Victoria write good reviews. I found the research to be far easier than in most cities.

I do tend to prefer smaller cities so the choices aren't so overwhelming. But compared to say London, Kitchener, Hamilton and Niagara Falls you have a far larger and in my view better selection of escorts and great reviews. I enjoy Toronto but only for a few escorts as its far more expensive and choices are almost overwhelming. I also don't tend to find as many of the type of reviews I seek as I have seen here on perb for Victoria. Montreal has great escorts but choices are huge and those I tend to like the most speak French and I don't!

While Victoria lacks my two favorite activities - nude full contact laps and doing breast massage and nude-reverse body rubs - your escort selection is outstanding.

My prior trips from 2000 and 2001 is totally worthless for data since other than Gina and Hipster..sort of.. I don't recognize many folks from the old days of Saanch incalls such as Classy Ladies, Secret Cravings, Mz Kitty’s and folks like Jude who even had me over for dinner one night (as a friend).

I see Seductions Unlimited which was I think a much smaller agency then has been the big survivor in the shake up and the new gung ho Sheriff in Saanich. I thought Escape and Relax had a nice set up - I even met the neighbor. I understand the neighborhood liked them vs the wild parties in their house by former owners. But other neighbors it seemed complained wondering about all the taxi's pulling up dropping off women.   Most of the Saanch incalls were in more residential areas. Now in Victoria they are more in commercial/industrial areas and while paying higher licensing fees, when the authorities visit, they are just concerned about checking licenses, and making sure no under aged providers.

As some folks know who may follow my reports before, I am a detailed CPA type (that is my background although for last 20 yrs have been an Investment Advisor, Certified Financial Planner). But I tend to be detailed which some readers enjoy and others hate. So I'm use to being flamed for long reports. I suggest if you just want superficial content skip my posts :)

My interests are a bit unusual perhaps. I have little interest in all the abbreviated high mileage options. I far more enjoy the intimate side, not unsafe sex etc.

Some reviewers do a far better job than in many cities with reviews that actually tell me something of interest. Just as an example, Wildonion's Victoria on $160-a-day I especially enjoyed. Seemed to often cover my type of interests and in a couple cases I upped by personal rating to a 5 from a 3 or 1 based on his reviews. For example, "soft and sweet" and descriptions like " Very easy to converse and relax with. Not pushy. Not shallow. Comforting, without a trace of a 'hard edge' or "a "coaxer." when I am with someone as amiable as xxxx", helps me far more than all the initials for mileage, high energy or "hot".

Of course there are far more escorts that I have ranked my highest 5 score to based on pre trip research than I can possibly see as I will also be just relaxing and enjoying myself - not "working" every day doing reports :( But my research will be helpful and easier to keep up to date when I return in the future!

In another post I will share ideas on how to do pre trip research.

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