Victoria, B.C. Canada

Sheena West at Island Beauties
 $CDN170 $US140
But for very incomplete session

How to I write a review of such a weird uncompleted session... she clearly shouldn't have been working today, but unlucky Dave probably set up with her at her worst possible time.

IB is located very close to my hotel, easy to find, easy parking, nice facilities - would hardly believe so nice from the outside which helps it be discrete. Nice rooms, all is well so far.

I knew Sheena was in Victoria this week and has had many great reviews over the years. I tend to like a bit more mature like Sheena, tall, thin, "great attitude" from my pre trip research.

Nice greeting from her, very friendly nice looking.

I offered my usual massage to get to know each other. She says she usually doesn't like massage since hurts since she is so tight (needs to be kneaded in my view). So fine, don't have to, but then she said yes if I am gentle. Turns out other than in one spot she seemed to very much like. Did nice on both sides which may have relaxed her too much. She asked if she had fell asleep, no I didn't think so but good to be so relaxed. This was an omen to come.

She started doing some very good massage on my back. Nice hands and touch, although still had panties on. Interrupted a few times by her reaching over to change the radio station looking for good music, but hard to find. I highly suggest they have tapes of music perhaps piped in like it seemed SU does. It interrupts the flow to frequently stopping to search for better background music.

I also noted she would stop in the middle of doing a stroke for a long time. Maybe some meditative move? I was just relaxed and going to enjoy her touch and follow her lead.

At one point without saying anything she got up and I heard to door closing. OK... did I scare her away? Take a nap?

OK I just relax wondering what happened and wait... about 10 minutes returns (whew), and does some nice laying on my back and starts to resume massage still on my back.

She then lays completely on me and felt like reaching over to change the radio again....but the radio isn't changing...OK now what? Then I feel something familiar. I know from doing massage when someone is relaxed some folks have fallen asleep or on the verge. I know how there is body twitching that is quite a clear sign of slipping into that light sleep zone which I could clearly feel from her body, now nicely laying on top of my back. Maybe she will wake up if I sort of move gently shifting a bit under her. No.... Ok she needs her sleep but in the middle of a session is not exactly what I am paying for.

Then the next step.. body goes completely limp which means either she is in the next stage of fully asleep or.. died. I can see the headlines Provider dies on Dave's back. Might not be the best for getting into Canada again. But with her totally limp fully on my back, I can tell she is breathing and heart is beating so I know she is just asleep. With some of the prior symptoms I stopping all of a sudden and starting again I'm thinking narcolepsy.

OK what do I do? I can't reach her very well with my hands to wake her. Well she needs her sleep...but in the middle of a session? I peak at my watch and the hour is almost up. I am obviously uncomfortable with the situation and need to extract myself from it... but can't get up she is on top of me.

I'm not sure how but I tried to make some moves and she did wake up. She said something about my falling asleep (which I absolutely hadn't), I said I should go and let her get some sleep. She mentioned 3 trips back and forth to Vancouver on the Ferry. She was obviously in no shape to continue and our time was up, although we never got to anything sensual or sexual other than her nice back rub before she fell asleep.

I then returned to hotel and set up an appointment with Willow at SU and had a great real session.

After posting this review I got a PM from IB owner Donna very upset about my experience very apolitgetic and offerred another session without the agency fee.

Comments from boards:
I feel for ya Dave but on the other hand, that was really fucking funny!
Funny post dave, but i would be really pissed if that happened to me.
From a Provider in Vancouver:
Let me say this, I have fallen asleep a few times before, and it's not a smart thing to do. But only during an outcall and incall, never in the studio . And to compensate the guy, I ended up staying much longer than I should have. It's a bit embarrassing, and generally not safe.

A few times during a studio session I came very close to drifting off in to a state of deep relaxation, and I've learned to stop the massage on me at that point. It's just feels so good, perhaps it's a bit of a compliment in a way. You must have made her feel very comfortable in that warm, dimly lit room

Now, the radio thing is what amazes me, how can one relax listening to a staticy radio station? That would just piss me off.
From a black provider in Vancouver
I don't think it was narcolepsy as she was changing the radio stations. I think the disorder would come without any notice or any change of surroundings/environment meaning she would've fallen fast asleep even if there was a crappy song on the radio within earshot. There's something else here, maybe just lack of sleep, the changing of the radio station was for stimulation to keep her awake. Still, terrible. I'm so sorry that you had to go through that, Dave.
Maybe your massage skills are just too good? I know I've occasionally put subjects to sleep (or nearly there) by providing a late night, sensual massage.
From another Provider:
that happ'd to me once..i was doing a outcall ..we did get down to business.
he did so good..i fell asleep
i woke up 3 hours later..he was gone but i left with a thank you note..

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