Victoria, B.C. Canada

Tips on Researching Escort Suggestions in a City

I'm sure many folks like me think posts like "I will be in Victoria in 3 days, who do you suggest I see" are lazy folks who could simply to their own research by spending time reading all the great reviews to know based on their own interests who they might want to see. Obviously YMMV with any escort but at least you can do your own research based on your interests than just be hand fed some folks favorites.

Whenever I do a trip to Canada I spend time seriously researching and organizing my data from reviews - the organized CPA in me...and perhaps being a Capricorn - although late so I'm not quite the typical "old goat" and am more on the sensual intimate side than just sexual.

For Victoria and other cities I have developed what for me is a very effective research tool which I will share here for those interested.

I use Firefox with tabs which I love. I also have dual 21" monitors, one landscape, one portrait which I realize most don't have. I love them and I can type info in Word on one screen while reading another and paste from reviews into my Word Document Table.

Using Tabs I have the different agencies websites immediately available on a tab. In Victoria its great since there are only about five main agencies which have great pictures and can have them easily available in different tabs on top of browser.

When I read a review the first thing I do is switch to the agencies tab (or bring up page for an indy) so be sure they are still available since other than in a couple cases I know they don't have pictures I assume if no pictures or listing they are no longer actively.

That wasn't much of a problem this trip since only going back two months I found far more great gals than I could possibly meet. And noted who has recently retired. Going back 2 months I gave data on as of now 43 escorts.

Here is my method in more detail.

My research is done in a Word document mostly in a Table which I can sort by Name, Agency (or Indy) My Interest rating (1-5) and Notes.

The Agency column is very small since I use short codes:
WO (now sort of merged with VE)
and Indy

My notes column is the most important. I will either copy and paste brief sentences from reviews or just make my own comments. When I see a review I flip to the tab for the agency and look at picture. I have certain tastes (ideal is tall, slender, nice smile, and natural breasts not larger than single D but B or C is ideal). So I get an initial idea from pictures however personality shown in reviews and intimacy response can make up for not "perfect" body type which has been the case with many.

I usually indicate briefly something like 5-10, slim, 19 (on some sites it seems almost everyone is 19 even if in their mid 20s - I tend to prefer a more mature escorts than 19-21 but not an absolute)

For example my entry for Eden -I had read a review before knowing her retirement says:
Eden Indy  $200/hr but nice pictures 25, 5-2,b 102lbs sometimes wild Just retiring at least for awhile

Normally I omit retirees of course.

I usually don't include any of the usual abbreviations since other than perhaps light kissing I have no interest. I am only interested in the hints of more the intimacy I enjoy. For example, "intelligent, sexy extremely friendly, and fun to be with. She is very comfortable with her sexuality, I felt at ease with her. She made me feel welcome and never rushed me" are included in my notes instead. But for those into the abbreviations you may want a column for what is the most important for YOU or include in notes.

Or yes my favorite rating boosting comments was "liked being held and caressed" Or, "We did alot of cuddling, touching, some closed mouth kissing,"That is what attracts me in a review.

In about two long nights I got data on 43 providers with reviews within the last 2 months.
Of those 10 were rated my highest 5 rating
Lots of 4s
A few neutral 3's
Quite a few 1's often just sounded too wild and just sexual for old Dave.

NO I WILL NOT SHARE :( Sorry. Don't ask. It would be unfair to share since just my views from reviews based on my own personal interests. I am just sharing how I did the research to perhaps encourage and give ideas to others.

But some of the 5's are those you might expect and are poplar making them perhaps hard to get appointments with.

Yet To Do:
I never leave home without my Garmin iQue 3600 GPS unit. It is my very good buddy that takes me to any address in Canada with "Betty" (voice) telling me every turn ahead of time as well as seeing it on a large map and routing from my hotel (just No of downtown) or any location. The unit mounts on my rental car dash. Also shows ATM's, food places, attractions, and most anything else within so many mi/km of where I am at the moment. You can thank the U.S. military for the position satellites which are often accurate in Canada down to about 12 feet. (no I do not support us being in Iraq but like the GPS navigation satellites)

I hope to find the addresses of all the incalls (and other attractions I want go to as a tourist) in the GPSs address book before I leave.

Along with my GPS unit having addresses I very much like Microsoft Streets & Trips which has excellent Canadian mapping. I also enter on Streets and Trips the address and other things I want to know locations of and print out before I leave.

I hope some of these ideas might be helpful especially if there are any tourists wanting ideas on research!

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