Victoria, B.C. Canada

Willow at Seductions Unlimited
$CDN160/hr = About $US135/hr

After my incomplete weird sort of session at IB, I was hoping I wasn't jinxed with all the bad luck on this trip so tried the more popular agency and one of the six "5" rated for potential gals from my pre trip spreadsheet. 3 of them were working tonight one already booked I gather for the night (Dana).

I was concerned about parking but while not many spots there was a space a few buildings (not six blocks like last night going to Monty's) away. Quite a nice layout large rooms and almost too huge middle area. Room nice and comfortable.

Nice greeting by Willow who seemed very down to earth, sweet and friendly face. I do like the short hair look. It has been a long time since I've been with someone that young (site says 19 but seems they are all 19 and reports are many are in lower 20s). She reminded me of the idea that great things come in small packages and nice natural breasts. I did say something about I hope you don't fall asleep on me without going into the reason. She commented she just got on duty.

As usual offered to massage her first to set the pace which she immediately responded nicely to. It didn't take long for me to know that she enjoys the kind of good high touch intimacy I enjoy - confirming my pre trip notes that she likes to be hugs and caressed which is my favorite foreplay. Nice light kissing.

Very open and responsive from my somewhat different more intimate sexual positions. Nice body, and great response. Don't ask about usual abbreviations for activity those that know me realize I'm just not into those..yes I'm odd, I'm not much of an oral fan either way nor DATY nor fingering. I like intimate body to body contact both in foreplay and in sex.

Also had nice discussion - felt her openness and asked about the incall situation etc. Victoria is very different than most other Canadian cities since they have mostly incalls despite the legal situation. But apparently there is a great relationships with the city. They do inspections to be sure licensing is proper and no one under aged. That seems to be the only concern. If licensed they don't harass them so little bawdy risk. Perhaps in B.C. with all the murders of sexworkers on the streets, some one smart realizes they should not harass the incalls since so much safer, get licensing fees, and can be sure no under aged - which is a huge problem on the streets especially in Vancouver.

I'd rank her a high 4 on my infamous intimacy scale of 1-5 that I primarily use on the full contact nude lap dancers I enjoy so much in Ontario. I highly recommend her for folks that enjoy good touch intimacy as I do as well as great sexuality.

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